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2019-05-21初一英语作文:美妙的一天 A Wonderful Day
标签:台柱 9vp3 24小时娱乐城路线

  Yesterday, my mother told me that we were going to visit my grandparents, I was so happy to hear that. I ... [查看全文]

2019-05-21初一英语作文:我喜欢冬天 I Like Winter

  There are four seasons in a year, spring means reborn, the trees become green and the flowers get boom. In... [查看全文]

2019-05-21初一英语作文:做一个好孩子Be a Good Child

  I am twelve years old now, I study in a middle school, I am not a little girl any more, I know I should... [查看全文]

2019-05-21初一英语作文:My school life

  Hello,class!My name is Linde. I am a student. I ' m study in the sixth Middle Class One Grade Seven. ... [查看全文]

2019-05-21初一英语作文:Dad and Mum I love you

  Dad and Mum I love you  There are so many things is our lives we should love. Such as the air the sunsh... [查看全文]


  One Sunday my mother (Mother) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country. She... [查看全文]


  When I was in primary school, my parents had paid special attention to the English education, they thought i... [查看全文]


The True Hero  When talking about the hero, people will think about the person who saves the world, such as s... [查看全文]


Develop Interest  As a middle school student, I learn many subjects, I study so hard every day. When I get ho... [查看全文]


Beauty in Life  People always say that we are lacking of the eyes of realizing the beauty in life. I can&rsqu... [查看全文]